StandUp-TheMovie Trailer by Diana Sinelnikova Harper

StandUp- The Movie: The Deadliest Catch meets The Endless Summer. The film (TRT 60 minutes) is an original lifestyle reality based feature documentary that features former hardcore commercial fisherman John Becker, a 48-year old all-American (the guy next door), who became one of the...

The Unstoppable Jonas: A Short from Quickblade Films

This is amazing!!!! Delve into the story of the inspirational athlete, Jonas Letieri. He lost his arms in a accident while working for his church and never gave up his dream of returning to the ocean to surf again. Through stand up paddling, Jonas has...

Heart of the Sea Trailer, Damien Rider Paddle Against Child Abuse

Everyday, Australian Damien Rider is haunted by his childhood. He endured horrific circumstances which included rape and physical abuse. From the age of 6, Damien was left with no choice but to seek refuge under jetties and skate parks to hide from the abusing...

A Life Outside: Get your Digital Download

A Life Outside is a story of passion and obsession. It’s the story of the relationships of six New Jersey surfers: Greg Mesanko, Chris Mesanko, Kevin, Casey Jim Purpuri, Richard Luthringer, and Bucky Walters, who each got on a surfboard for the first time close to...

A Date with the Straight Paddleboard Movie Before the Carolina Cup

World Champion open water athletes Zeb Walsh, Jack Bark, and Brad Gaul set a world record by paddling from mainland Australia to Tasmania across the treacherous Bass Strait on paddleboards. See it here first whilst enjoying some of the healthiest, tastiest, pre-Carolina-Cup-fuel ever. Sponsored...

The Present trailer

Sneak a peek at Thomas Campbell's new surf film, The Present, with support from Patagonia. Featured sliders include Patagonia ambassadors Dan Malloy, Chris Malloy, Fletcher Chouinard and Devon Howard, with Dave Rastovich, Chelsea Georgenson Hedges, Michel Junod, Joel Tudor, Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, Rob...

Keith Malloy’s acclaimed new film, “Come Hell or High Water”

The Good Viking Fund is excited to bring Keith Malloy's acclaimed new film, "Come Hell or High Water," to Wilmington. All proceeds from the evening will go to benefit Surfers Healing W.B. and Stronger Together. Woodshed Films, Patagonia, and Nixon are proud to announce the...

Heart Of The Sea Trailer

Heart Of The Sea ('Kapolioka Ehukai') is the story of Damien Rider's gruelling 800km paddle along the east coast of Australia to raise awareness for a cause close to his heart. On January 24, 2015, Damien completed a solo 800km paddle from his home...

Of Wind and Waves: The Life of Woody Brown

Of Wind and Waves: The Life of Woody Brown from Gina Leibrecht on the surfer migration from California to Makaha. Buzzy Trent, Woody Brown and George Downing. It's a quick video, but super interesting. Buzzy Trent, Woody Brown and George Downing. It's a quick...

Infinity Welcomes Candice Appleby to the Team

Infinity Surfboard & SUP Co. is proud to announce that 6x BOP Champ and Women’s SUP megastar Candice Appleby has joined the #infinityspeedfreaks. Already a living legend in the sport of SUP and an icon to Women across the globe, Candice joins Slater Trout,...


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