Video: Bad Magic by Valkyrie Downwind

Moody downwind love on Valentine's Day Subscribe to Valkyrie Downwind on Youtube for their latest videos

Congratulations to Zane Schweitzer for his record crossing of the Pailolo Channel for the 26 mile M2M (Maui to Moloka’i)

Had a crazy exciting race yesterday hydrofoiling the Pailolo Channel for the 26 mile M2M (Maui to Moloka’i) crossing. Super stoked to break the new record time across the #Pailolo channel and win overall between all crafts! My time was 2:24 with the help...

Video: Downwinding Beginner Mistakes

Five Most Common Ocean Downwinding Mistakes Downwinding season is right around the corner, and as the folks from Blue Planet Surf remind us in this video, downwinding in the ocean is very different that in a lake or on a river, even if that river...

Outrigger Monday: Can’t Rescue Me if You Can’t Catch Me

Virginia Beach OC1 Downwind Run Virginia Beach paddler and 404 Team Rider Steve Dullack, who has significant background in things maritime (if we told you, he might have to kill us) safely took advantage of recent weather conditions to log an epic East Coast downwinder. ...

Surfski Tuesday: Downwinding on the Douro with Oscar Chalupsky

Downwinding the Douro River Via Surfski Paddle along with Oscar Chalupsky and turn up the volume to get some downwinding instruction from his session on the Douro River in Porto....want more? Sign up for a clinic with Oscar at this year's Carolina Cup!    

Video: The Other Part of the Gorge

Gliding in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge We've learned from our good friends at Stoke on the Water that there's more to the Columbia River Gorge than just the storied Viento Run.  In this amazing video, SOTW's Russel Peart displays his fancy footwork and overall...

Surfski Wednesday: Downwinder off the Coast of Spain

Surfski Paddling in Spain The good folks over at Surfski World posted this on their Facebook page this week and we had to share.  It's from Spain....here's what  Boyan Zlatarev has to say about it: "This video was captured yesterday opposite Punta Paloma Baja near Tarifa.  People always ask...

Off Season Maui Downwinder Edit With Jeremy Riggs and Friends

Winter Downwind Paddling Maui Style When Maliko is a no-go, often times it gets good on the South side of Maui, especially this time of year.  Jeremy Riggs of Paddle with Riggs has put together another epic video of what it’s like when the Kihei...

Video: Father and Son OC Downwinder

Christmas Day Florida Downwinder How Team Geiger spent their 2017 Holiday....we love this video by Floridians Jason and Dylan’s Geiger.  Pure joy!  

Straight Outta Kihei: Downwind Foiling on the South Side with Jeremy Riggs

Jeremy Riggs Foiling at Kihei The Kihei Run on Maui’s South Side might be known as Maliko’s little sister...but when it’s firing, it’s something else.  Conditions have to be just right....if the winds are blowing too offshore, it can be dangerous.  You can get blown...


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