Maliko Run: SIC by Bill Babcock

This Maliko run by Bill Boyum is the first video I've seen that gives some idea what a good downwinder is like. Video cameras make swells look unimpressive, because the wide angle lenses flatten the gradual rise of the swell. A 20 foot swell...

Maliko with Onshore Winds and a North Swell

Maliko run with north winds and a north swell. Paddling S.I.C. stand up paddle boards with rudder systems.

Wanna Go For A Ride? Dave Kalama Downwinder Video

Dave Kalama runs Maliko to Kahului Harbor.

Maui To Molokai Downwind Run by Paddle With Riggs

The four of us met the boat captain at Mala Wharf and loaded the boards and canoe onto the boat racks. The captain took us up to Honolua Bay where we unloaded and started our 27 mile adventure. The wind was gusting up to...

Maui To Molokai Crossing 2010 OC1 by standupzone dotcom

Mike Newbro and Randy Strome crossing the Pailolo channel in the 2010 Sorrentos/Kai Wa'a Race on April, 24th. From Standup Zone......get inspired. GEt out there and paddle. Find a wave. Find the wind. Paddle.


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