Video: Cuba 2 Miami

The Story of Cuba 2 Florida Here’s a preview of the Fin Fillm Company video of this year’s epic prone crossing from Havana, Cuba to Miami ...the “Cuba 2 Florida” record setting relay paddle by Cynthia Aguilar, Aimee Spector and Karen Figueroa. Shot by Ryan McClellan and...

Video: Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Prone Downwinding   We l0ve this video edit of the prone downwinding by Frank Lundy!        

Lansdown Scores a Catalina Classic Three-Peat

Lansdown Wins Catalina Three Years in a Row. Great video with 2017 Catalina Classic winner Lachie Lansdown, who won the stock class title in this race for the third year in a row Sunday, with a time of  six hours and 29 minutes. Video by...

New Video from Chris Aguilar: 12 Rolls: The Thursday Workout

Every Thursday in the summer Jay Russell runs his paddle / run workout. Assembled are paddlers of all levels and ages who paddle and run in hermosa beach. Coming out of this training group are Catalina Classic champs - max first and Adam Buckley....

Video: Pushing across the Ka’iwi Channel in the M2O

Molokai to Oahu World Paddleboard Championships Molokai to Oahu, the "superbowl" of paddling is just around the corner -Sunday, July 30.  This video shoots right to the heart of what this race - no, this experience (because really, it's much more than a race) is...

Downwinding With Joe and Jack Bark

This might very well be the video that piqued my interest in paddling prone. It features Joe and Jack Bark, Steve Shlens, Joel Pepper, and Reno Caldwell getting some training in several years ago, and it's shot by the extremely talented folks at Fin Film Company,...

Blow, an East Coast paddleboard downwinder from Frank Lundy

Frank is always out there when it's honking.

Some prone paddleboard downwind love from Frank Lundy in VB

Check this out. I think Frank has adhesive sprayed on his wetsuit. Even with quartering swell, he's stuck on that unlimited prone like velcro.  

Prone board paddling technique video by Mick DiBetta

Great technique video that really helps with knee paddling prone paddleboards For more information on Mick DiBetta and Paddle Power Trainer, go to: http://www.paddlepowertrainer.com/

Colin McPhillips surfs a prone paddleboard during competition at the Pacific Paddle Games

In the technical finals of the Pacific Paddle Games in the Prone Paddleboard division, competitors battled in and out through overhead surf, rounded buoys and completed three laps to determine the champion. Colin McPhillips, former world longboard champion dropped in on a wave and popped...


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