SUP Surfing at Its Finest: The Progression Project – Current State

SUP Surfing in Costa Rica
SUP Surfing in Costa Rica Costa Rica, beautiful waves and some of the best standup paddlers in the world! Just what the doctor ordered while we're waiting for the next installment of the APP World Tour!! This awesome film by Jason Maughan and Chandler Williams features...

SUP Surfing 101 from the ACA

Starting from a standing position with the power of a paddle makes catching waves easier on a SUP board than traditional surfing...But, surfing a SUP has its own unique challenges and skills to develop in order to become proficient.

Check out Finn Spencer ripping it up SUP Surfing and even hitting it on the foil board

This is an awesome video of young ripper Finn Spencer on a SUP Surf and SUP Foil board. I'm pretty sure he edited the footage, too. According to his Dad, Henry Spencer, "Finn is 12 years old….he did the edit and the music himself. His...

SUP Surfing and Fishing the Crystal Coast

BIC SUP team rider, Matt Hite, hits the local surf spots along The Crystal Coast, North Carolina before heading out to paddle and fish with some wild horses at Carrot Island.

2016 Wrightsville Beach Pro Am SUP Surf Video

Highlights from the WB SUP Pro Am, sponsored by Hobie and Salt Life. Hosted by Wrightsville Beach Museum of History and Carolina Paddle Board Company. This was a fun shoot at a great event! Shot by the über talented Aerial Images ILM.  

Spinner shark freaked out by paddleboarder collision video

A spinner shark from Jupiter, Florida was completely freaked out when a stand up paddleboarder surfed right under him in mid flight. "I was doing what I do and as I hit the surface I knew I was in trouble. This guy ran right into...

Sunset Beach Pro Day 2 from Mat5o Media

Matty Schweitzer is amazing. And his brother, Zane isn't half bad either. Check out this drone footage from Day 2 at Sunset Beach, HI.

Check out this video of Fiona Wylde surfing on the North Shore

Fiona Wylde is dropping in on some BOMBS on the North Shore. Fiona is a Starboard and Werner Paddles team rider. Fiona is using the 7'1 starboard Pro model, and the Werner Rip Stick 79''. Her paddle is 65'', as she is 5'3. For fins she uses the FCS Accelerator(size...

Imagine Invader surfing with a 6-man inflatable surfing by Pat Myers

I've been frothing over one of these 6-man inflatable megasups. this is basically a how-to video on surfing a 6-man inflatable standup paddleboard. What you dissect this video, you see the technique. The fins, a Dave Kalama hanging off the back with fins, how they...

Jela’Bra Moroccan Vibes Benoit Carpentier SUP surfing in Morocco

Great video of Benoit Carpentier, Alex Kersaudy and Josh Riccio SUP surfing in Morocco. Look out for the grim reaper.


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