Video: A Paddleboarding Journey at Moraine State Park

Paddle and Explore Paddleboards can be great vehicles for exploration, at any level. This video from Wild Excellence Films takes us on a journey through a beautiful, 16,725-acre state park in Pennsylvania and reminds us that paddling connects us to water and nature....      

James Casey Foiling Video Teaser

Around the World with James Casey What could be better than video of James Casey foiling in the iconic Sidney Harbor? Happy Wednesday, y'all! The full video is coming soon to the Sunova website. Filmed and edited by @barefootcaptain with special thanks @balmoral_paddlesurf

Video: Santa Foils?

Santa Foiling Actually, it’s Rob Parmenter in a seasonally apprpropriate SupSkin....but we won’t tell anyone if you won’t! Looks like Rob and his buds had a great Christmas! Hope y’all did too!


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