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OABI 2019 is cancelled

"For our families and yours OABI has become one of the highlights of the summer in Detroit. For the past 7 years we were...

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50+ aliases for sugar—and 4 quick tips for sleuthing ‘em out

by Amy B. Beausang, PharmD, RPh, Certified Health Coach I’ve already posted a bit about how I feel about sugar and it’s affects (See part...

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Sugar Trippin’: My Not-So-Sweet Journey On This Addictive Drug

by Amy B. Beausang, PharmD, RPh, Certified Health Coach I am addicted to sugar. If you saw me, you would say, “yeah right”. I’m not the...

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Strongrabbit: Sports Drinks and Cliff Shots and Gu’s—OH MY!

This is a repost of Strongrabbit, a.k.a Mrs. Mullet, a.k.a DJ BombBiscuit with part two of her "What to eat before/during/after workout" series. Read part...

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Board? Check. Paddle? Check. Favorite hat? Check. Pre-workout fuel? Ummm…

\ This is from Amy Beausang, a.k.a. Strongrabbit, is Mrs. Mullet, mother to Baby Mullet (Stella), cousin of Cousin Mullet (not literally, but in practice),...

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